Anniversary Celebration at Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant

Nearing our first anniversary as a couple, me and my boyfriend wanted to have a quick get away from the Metro. We were looking for a place with a little sophistication to celebrate our first anniversary as a couple. One of the most recommended places, by friends and online communities, was Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant residing in the humble province of Antipolo, Rizal. Its best known for its unique dining experience and amazingly prepared delicacies, and a family rich history.

“Vieux Chalet” has a variety of French translation, but the most appropriate connotation of which is from a food blogger named Roch Santos-Sioco which, according to her, means home on top of a mountain. In a literal sense, it is indeed a home on top of a mountain as the terrain towards the place leads to steep roads. It also definitely feels like a home as the place is filled with hospitality and coziness – not just by the ambience, but also on how we were accommodated. 

Upon entering the restaurant, which almost resembles a transient house you could rent for a quick getaway, we were welcomed with two adorable kids. They accommodated us with full face mask and shield and guided us in filling up the contact tracing sheet, checking of our temperatures, and ushering us to our reserved table. The interiors were pleasant and clean – none of the usual gimmicks you would see in modern cafes and restaurants. The place was naturally lit with huge windows which also serves the purpose of viewing the overlooking Metropolitan landscape. The tables were nicely simple, being decorated by white lace matching the white-painted interior and hardwood floor. 

One of the most earmarking experience was being directly served by the chef of the place, Chef Rico. He took our orders, mentioned some of the best-selling dishes in the menu, and recommended wines to match the dishes we ordered. They offer course meals for diners who want to sample a bit of everything, and they also offer a la carte dishes for those who wish to sample just a few dishes.

We were so amazed by the place that we opted to visit the second time after our anniversary date. Below is a compilation of all the menu items we ordered during our first and second visit:

For our appetizers we were served the complementary homemade bread with home made spreads and we ordered a salad. The bread was nice but a bit too hard for some people who are wearing braces and there is nothing too special about the salad. The veggies were fresh, and the dressing is nice.

Now we go to the mains which were I could say are just amazing, grandiose, and a pleasant to eat.

On our first visit we availed of the Pre-fix menu(P1,895) for one which consist of salad, one main dish, and a choice of dessert with coffee and tea. We just added another main dish. we had the Steak with Mushroom Sauce and Smoked Porkchop. The steak is grilled to perfection. It is very tender and a little bit rare on the inside. The bloodiness of the steak, however, is very much appreciated for people who usually orders steak in the well-done side. The mushroom sauce was creamy and delightful. Again, the porkchop was perfect. It has a nice color to it and the seasoning was just outstanding. It was served with veggies and mushroom sauce as well.

Steak with Mushroom Sauce
Smoked Porkchop (P1,465)

During our second visit, we went all out with the ordering to taste more of what this place has to offer. We went for the Beef Fondue, Salsiccia Pizza, Lamb Shoulder, and the Homemade Fettuccine Alfredo. 

Its an easy call that one of our favorite dishes is the Beef Fondue. The dish is served with prime beef cubes that you could cook in hot oil. Along with the dish is a pot stove where you could dip your beef cubes to cook. The dish is sided by grille vegetables and golden hash browns. It remains consistent that the beef is tender and tasty, no matter the manner of cooking. You could also taste the smokiness from the grilled vegetables and the hash browns were fried to golden brown.

The only dish that is regular in our restaurant visits is the Fettuccine Alfredo. We always love the taste and texture of creamy white pasta sauce. The communal taste of the dish, however, is complemented by its peers.

Fettuccine Alfredo

Another amazing slab of meat that we found delightfully tasty is the Lamb Shoulder. Its cooked in red wine sauce and the meat has that sweet aftertaste to it. Again, it is cooked to perfection with its very tender texture and mouthwatering presentation.

Lamb Shoulder (P1,400)

Finally, the Salsiccia Pizza. This was the dish less appreciated among our orders, but it was never the least delightful. The sausage chucks were very chunky and has the right level of spice. The fresh tomatoes were juicy, and the cheese stretches out for miles.

Salsiccia Pizza (P835)

To make everything harmonious, we ordered a couple of glasses of Dante Robino 2017 Malbec that complements well with the Beef Fondue and the Lamb Shoulder.

Something quite disappointing is that they only have four dessert selections. But we never say that our visit is complete without having our fare share of sweets. We ordered the Burnt Homemade Ricotta Cheesecake a la Mode and the Antipolo’s Best.

The cheesecake was light and creamy. It is served with homemade vanilla ice cream which complements the cake well. 

Burnt Cheescake (P385) and Antipolo’s Best (P425)

The Antipolo’s Best, is one of the best local spin-offs in a dessert we had so far. The term “Antipolo’s Best” refers to three of the specialty products of Antipolo: Suman, Mango, and Cashew nuts. The dessert is served in a warm gooey flambee and homemade Butternut Ice Cream. The Suman is I would guess also lightly fried to keep the outside crunchy. 

The desserts were topped off by our selection of House Blend Drip Coffee and Cappuccino a la Vieux Chalet.

Cappuccino a la Vieux Chalet (P180)

All in all, the experience in this place is a daydream come true. A cozy ambience, hospitable crew, the magnificent view, and the delicious food comes together nicely in a humble home. This is a place where old fashioned customer service is the earmark and relating with your customers’ expected experience of the place is the mission. So far one of the best dating places to go to where you would find peace and quiet from the weekday drifts.

You could find their Facebook page at and

follow their Instagram @vieuxchaletphilippines.

Nono’s Classic Desserts

My boyfriend and I are strolling around U.P. Town Center on a Sunday afternoon, wearing our “new normal” gears, a face mask, and face shield, I was feeling hot and wanted to stay in a coffee shop. We were a bit dismayed around some shops we entered, the staff are not accommodating, the other one doesn’t have a complete menu. Until we decided to check out Nono’s if they have desserts since we’ve already tried there before. 


Nono’s Comfort Food is created by Chef Baba Ibazeta-Benedicto, also the woman behind the patisserie, “Classic Confections”. The name Nono’s came from his late father’s name. The menu selection consists of comfort food from all-day breakfasts, filipino dishes, starters, mains, pastas and big plates — adding up to a complete and hearty meal.


As you enter the restaurant, you will immediately notice its pastel coloured walls and white blinds on the window. It provides a cheerful and homey vibe. The place is also quite full, and also considering we are under a pandemic, unlike the other places we’ve entered. And finally, the staff is accommodating and directs us to an empty table.

We are only here for desserts, so we did not bother to check out the other food menus as we’ve already been here before once. (but haven’t started this blog yet at that time.)


Desserts are not complete without a cup of coffee. 🙂 My boyfriend got his usual Americano(Php135) with milk on the side and I got the Cappuccino (Php145). Nothing special with their coffee but glad that they had stevia instead of regular sugar.  


For desserts, we chose the Banana Cream Pie Mini (Php295) and Almond Crunch Ice Cream Sundae (Php225). 

If you ask me, Banana is my favorite fruit. No wonder I like this dessert treat from Nono’s, their classic Banana Cream Pie Mini. The Bananas are sweet on its own drizzled with caramel sauce topped with cream. 

Another one is their Almond Crunch Ice Cream Sundae. The almonds taste a little too sugary for me since the vanilla ice cream is already sweet and I find that the almond is too hard to crunch on or only for me because I had braces. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the desserts we ordered. 

Overall, I could definitely say Nono’s is one of our go-to restaurant if we are looking for that comfort food and homey vibe. It’s a good place to hangout with your friends and family and even your significant other.

Nono’s Comfort Food

Level 1, Phase 1B, U.P. Town Center

Facebook: Nono’s ph

Instagram: @nonosph

The Fat Seed Café + Roastery

We went to a handful of restaurants during the pandemic season. So far, our visits to these places were welcomed by empty tables, a silent atmosphere, and a still environment. The reception of a hushed environment during our visits may also be attributable that we book our dine-ins early in the morning – usually the minute the joint opens.

This weekend, we decided to dine in The Fat Seed Café + Roastery (the word “café” being more of an attachment to restaurant these days to give a sense of sophistication and a lobby feel). The restaurant could be visited in the Phase 2 of U.P. Town Center, Ground Floor, near Watsons and in front of Barnyard. The place opens at 10:30am and closes at 6:30pm (operating times may change once everything gets settled to post-pandemic). 

The Fat Seed Café + Roastery opened its doors around late 2019 (basing on other reviews of this place with majority of the reviews being written in November 2019). It is owned by a holding company – which I fail to recall the name – owning also branches of “People are People” (a.k.a. PRP) which is a known street-fashion apparel shop. The place offers a diverse meal selection such as all-day breakfasts, grilled meat, and pasta selections. However, the restaurant prides itself in their local single origin roasts, which for me is just a fancier description for coffee.


Upon entering the joint, you are greeted with a vibe that suites a coffee aficionado that would like to either lobby-in the café for social purposes or to just get some work done.  There is this painting on the wall that would immediately catch your attention. It is complemented with wooden finished furniture and black metal welded chairs. The lights are something that you would see in interrogation rooms and the shelves are displayed with a variety of coffee making and coffee enjoying items. The ambience of the place is weirdly diverse, but I cannot help but say that I am impressed by how cohesive every inch of the place is. It somehow promotes the radical thinking it wants its target customers to bring in. Overall, the place looks beyond mainstream, which makes it aesthetically unique.


As mentioned, a while ago, the food selection is parallel to the look of the place: diverse. It is categorized in seven categories namely: the all famous all-day breakfast, appetizers, chicken wings, soups & salads, pastas, burgers & sandwiches, and the rice meals. I must admit that it would take a couple of more visits to get a taste at least one in each category. But since this is our first visit, we settled for something simple like the salad, pastas, and burgers.


We started our meal with a healthy serving of the Sonoma Salad (Php 280). The salad is adequately served with vinaigrette. It has your main lettuce vegetable and cuts of arugula. Finally, this is mixed with cut grapes and onions.

Sonoma Salad (Php 280)

The salad is nothing special – it’s a salad, nothing to be technical about. However, the serving was just right for the price, the dressing was already mixed in with the vegetables (which I would really appreciate as some places would rather have you do all the mixing work), and the sourness of the vinaigrette complements the sweetness of the grapes.

Another starter we had was something that would always complete our breakfast meal: coffee. We ordered one usual drink that every café would serve, the Café Mocha (Php 200), and something new, the Coffee Cubes (Php 150). The Café Mocha was served like a sundae. It has your drink at the bottom topped off with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. The Coffee Cubes, however, was something different. It was served with iced coffee cubes in a glass sided by your warm cream and sweetener. The taste is just your basic brewed coffee with cream and sugar. The main appreciation here, however, is how it is served.

For the mains, we had the Tartufo pasta (Php 360) and the DBL BLK Burger (Php 505). The pasta was served in way you would expect a pasta is served in a joint this caliber. It was generously mixed with truffles and the sauce was perfectly creamy. 

The DBL BLK Burger was a double patty grilled burger sided with fries. The burger structure was supported by a layer of cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce. The thick burger patties were based and topped by a dark bread, which also has a buttery taste to it. Finally, it was punctured all together by a stick to maintain its layered structure.

Our mains were nicely cooked. The pasta was creamy on the proper level and the truffles were evenly and generously distributed. The burger, we would say, was properly grilled to perfection, with some nit-picking discomforts. First, the patty tasted like what you would get in a Burger King joint – which for my boyfriend is quite nice but would immediately object the justification of the price. Second, you could taste how undistributed the salt was. There were some portions of the patty which where extremely salty, and there were bites where you would think they missed a spot. Finally, and this is really being nit-picky, but there are places who would provide more of an experience in eating a burger in the same price range. For example, for a price of Php 480 at Flossom, you would get the same taste burger where they would literally pour newly melted cheese over the burger upon serving.

Overall, The Fat Seed Café + Roastery is a good place to dine-in. The place looks amazing given the way it was designed, and the ambience is what it wants to be: a cohesion of diverse ideas. It would be a different experience, however, if you try to take-out some of their meals as there are other café that would give you more value for your money. So far, from all the places we visited, this goes to the ranking of 6/10. The place is good, the food could do better. But like we say, I think it would take more visits to fully appreciated what this place could deliver in terms of feeling, taste, and value.

The Fat Seed Café + Roastery

U.P. Town Center, G/F Phase 2

Facebook: The Fat Seed PH

Instagram: @thefatseedph

Sunday Out: Breakfast + Haircut +Shopping

Hi everyone! I’m back with another blog post. I haven’t been really consistent with blogging and writing since the pandemic started. I know I’m just working from home, and I should have more time to do other things, but to be honest I lack the motivation to do anything aside from my job. The ambiance at home makes me feel at ease and just want to sleep and relax most of the time. So finally, (yay!) My boyfriend and I went out last weekend. And I decided to write about it and share what we did.

Since the pandemic, we go out early so breakfast is always our first meal of the day. This time we chose to dine at Dean and Deluca.
I have written a full review of Dean and Deluca here if you want to know more.

After we got our tummies full, we went to get our haircut done at Headway Salon also located at Tomas Morato. Here is our before and after photo.

I like how my haircut turned out! What do you guys think? 🙂 Do we look better with our new haircuts?

We then headed to Vertis North to shop for the bag my boyfriend is looking for his new Samsung Tablet. And since I’m a good girl, he decided to treat me to a new bag as well!! hehe (thanks babe ^^)

It was still early in the morning and you’ll notice how empty the mall looks. This mall used to be packed before the pandemic. And now, you can just see a handful of people at the mall.

We finish-off our Sunday morning at Scout’s Honor.
We tried their Craft Cookie Milkshakes and Fully Loaded Fries.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading my blog! Hope to see you in my next post. 🙂

See you guys and stay safe!

Dean and Deluca

I was looking for a restaurant that opens early in the morning and serves breakfast meals so my boyfriend and I could start our day with a big meal.
While searching, I stumble upon this place called Dean and Deluca which opens at 7 am. So I checked their menu, ask my boyfriend what he thinks and we booked a table.

Dean & DeLuca, Tomas Morato, Quezon City

This place reminded me of another restaurant which is the Wildflour Cafe. (you can check my review of Wildflour here). It has a similar vibe. I’ve also learned that this particular Dean and Deluca franchise in QC is owned by the famous Filipina actress, Bea Alonzo.

The Dean and Deluca in NYC is more of a deli store than it is a restaurant. It is more of a grab-and-go place and not a place to dine-in or lounge around.
As it is still early, not so many people are dinning in yet. We were the only ones on the ground floor and others chose to enjoy the open area tables.

For drinks, we had Bullet-proof coffee and french vanilla latte.

For our mains, we got the Gochujang Pork Belly and Dean & Deluca Sandwich.

The Pork Belly tastes like sweet pork barbeque and it was served with kimchi and radish on the side. Not as impressive as I thought it would be.

The Dean & Deluca Sandwich looks somewhat of a disappointment compared to other places we’ve been to. It’s too small given its price. I thought the scrambled egg was at the side, but it was part of the actual burger, added with cheese and bacon.

Ending our breakfast meal we had cakes as dessert. At least the cake lighten up our disappointments from our main dish. We had Creme Brulee and Blueberry Cheesecake.

The Creme Brulee has a balance of sweetness and creaminess.

I’m a sucker for Blueberry Cheesecake so this one is probably my favorite dish at Dean and Deluca. It has the right amount of sweetness coming from the crust and cream cheese and a little bit of sourness from the blueberry.

It was our first time at Dean and Deluca and would we go back? Probably only to try the pastries and desserts. But we’ll pass for the other dishes. I find it kinda overprice for it’s serving and taste are not that impressive.
Service is good and staffs are attentive to our requests.

Overall I would rate this place a 6/10.

Dean & Deluca

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Island Tour

Hello everyone! How have you been? Hope you guys are safe and doing well.
It has been approximately 5 months since the start of the pandemic season. There is not much activity going-on the streets and there are still hesitations being out and bout the city.
Thinking of the next content to do in this blog, I decided on giving you guys a tour on my Animal Crossing island.
The Enhance Community Quarantine (ECQ) was imposed in our district, Metro Manila, from March to June. Having been bored of the same home routine of working out, eating, and going to bed, me and my boyfriend were having conversations about purchasing a Nintendo Switch. The console came into mind because I was intrigued about seeing posts in my social media about Animal Crossing, with its cute characters and building mechanics.
Nothing really decided as final, my boyfriend, out of nowhere, decided to buy me the console paired with the game. I’ve been playing it ever since, clocking on 180 hours of gameplay and a 4-star rating on my island.
For someone not familiar with the game (Animal Crossing is a video game created by Nintendo. It is base on real time. You can build and design your own Island.)
So here it goes, welcome to Zelly Cove!

Upon entering my island, you will see a park with a grandiose fountain – getting the idea from a Youtube video I watched. To the left of the entrance is the beach area and to the right is the main plaza, which I would consider as a mini-park after the masterfully designed entrance. For certain, this design won’t be the final look of the place as I am still getting ideas from other players in the community.

Following the main plaza is a food park which is also a work in progress. I think I still need kitchen stuff such as tables and chairs to make this area work.

An island will never be considered fun without a playground and a camp area. This is usually where people who visits my island hang-out and run around.

The main shops of the island are located on the second level of the Island – the Able Sisters and Nooks Cranny shops. The shops are where you usually (shop for clothes at Able Sisters and for new items at Nooks Cranny).

Over on the third level of my island is my oriental restaurant, an Asian Restaurant if you will, and my house.
The same with other areas of my island, I am still in the creative phase of how to design the exterior of my house. But for now this will do the job.

The gym area and the villagers’ house are located on the other side of the island. I feel like this area is too crowded so I might relocate their houses soon – it would cause me time and bells though.

And finally, we get to the museum entrance, where you would see some of the fossils I collected, and my tranquil bamboo-zen garden.

So, there’s my island tour! There is still so much work to be done on my island. Hopefully, I could share updates soon as I put it more gaming hours. But for now, I hope you like how everything is setup. For some of the readers that are new to the game, this might be a good outline to follow. For veteran players, I’m open to some insights and suggestions on how to further progress myself into the game.

Hidden Cafe in San Juan: Flossom Kitchen + Cafe

You can say that Sunday is my favorite day. It is usually the day when my boyfriend and I meet and try out new restaurants. Since the quarantine allows going out with some curfew, we find ourselves dining out early in the morning. That is why we are so into breakfast dates lately. (if you are from Metro Manila, let me know if you have any breakfast places recommendations down in the comments.)

Today, we finally tried this Instagram-worthy café in San Juan City: Flossom Kitchen + Café.

We were the first customers to arrive at the opening of the place. There were some safety measures implemented like taking of temperature, stepping on the foot bath, and filling out a health checklist. For extra caution against the COVID-19 virus, they also placed alcohol on every table.

The place is small but magnificently decorated with floral accents, lights, and grey walls. If you’re into Instagram, you’ll surely like this place.

And now for the best part: FOOD!

We ordered Trash Can Nachos – which I heard is one of their best-sellers.

Trash Can Nachos

It looks satisfyingly trashy, it’s good!! The server poured melted cheese all over the colorful nachos which made the tasty experience unique. The nachos itself was really tasty and is complemented by a generous serving of melted cheese and beef toppings.

Norwegian Salad

For our salad, we got Norwegian Salad. I love the smoked salmon. It goes well with the salad.

Creamy Carbonara
Angus Salisbury Skillet

For our mains, we got Carbonara and Angus Salisbury Steak Skillet.

The Carbonara is generously served topped by a full and creamy sauce. Nothing too special except for the pouched egg on the top.

The Angus Salisbury Skillet became one of my favorite dishes. If you like beef and meaty dishes, this one is for you. I love the thick mushroom sauce that is served with the dish. I would eat it paired with a serving of rice, but my boyfriend favored veggies on the side since he is on a diet.

Tiramisu Pancake

Sadly, desserts were not yet available, so we ordered their Tiramisu Pancake. The pancakes are big and fluffy. I love the tiramisu flavor and cream on top. Perfectly paired with their coffee.

Overall, I recommend the Trash Can Nachos and Angus Salisbury Skillet. The other dishes are ok and all our orders are in big servings that made us full and happy! My visit here became one of the most lovely breakfast mornings, aside from Rustic Mornings. The food is great and the ambiance is pretty and chill.

We would love to come back – probably this coming Sunday.

Flossom Kitchen and Cafe is located at:

Flossom Place, 187 N. Averilla Street, Brgy. Sta. Lucia, Greater San Juan, San Juan City



Sunday Brunch at Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

Social Distancing while dinning out!

After 3 months of being quarantined at home, our government started easing out on the lockdown measures. Business are starting to operate as well as shops and essential services as long as they follow health and safety protocols.

Wildflour Cafe is one of the restaurants here in Manila that is now open and ready for dine-in. We came early in the morning to get our empty tummies filled. 🙂

Playing our Nintendo Switch while waiting for our order 🙂

For starters we ordered mixed salad.

Mixed Green Salad

Our drinks is next to arrived.

Vietnamese Latte and Black Coffee

Our mains:

Bacon Steak with potatoes and egg
Lasagna Bolognese


Apple Pie and Pain Au Chocolat

The food tastes great and it was served hot, but I found the servings are too small and not worth the price. The Lasagna is in a small skillet, I actually thought it would be bigger. I love the dessert part. Perfect pair with our coffee.

Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

Address: O Square 1 Bldg, Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas Ave, Greenhills, San Juan



Meet Athena – from Athena Cristy Blog (Guest Post)

I only started blogging earlier this year, and I’m fortunate enough to meet people through blogging. One of them is Athena. A high school student who’s been blogging since 2017. I got inspired more to continue blogging when I saw her blog. At such a young age, she was able to maintain her blog while still in school. So now, I did a little bit of chat with Athena so we could learn more about her lifestyle and journey as a blogger. 

Hi everyone, I’m Athena Christy (or Acee), the blogger behind and I am so happy to guest post for my lovely friend Liezel. We will be interviewing each other about blogging and life, please keep an eye out for her guest post on my blog as well. Without further ado, here are the questions and my answers:

  • When did you start blogging?

 Oh, it’s a long story. For those who don’t know, I’m an avid reader and passionate bookworm. I started bookstagram (basically posting pretty photos of books on Instagram) back in September of 2017 when I was only thirteen. I met a lot of friendly people in the bookstagram community and most of them had book blogs, mostly on WordPress. I was curious so I gave it a try. I signed up on WordPress and created my book blog, The Night Faerie, where I post book reviews and other book-related stuff. I eventually stopped because of busy school and busy life and the fact that although I am still the same book-crazy person as before, my life no longer centered on books alone and I was curious to venture into foreign shores. I did a fresh start and created my current blog (Athena Christy, or “` A la AC” as I would often refer to it, and its Twitter account. I posted a wide range of blog posts, divided into four main categories: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, and rarely, Travel. Eventually, I started using Pinterest and a few other social media platforms, traffic increased little by little, and I met so many wonderful people in the blogging community, just like how it all started.

  • How has been your blogging journey?

It’s been bumpy, on and off roller coaster ride, but I enjoy every moment of it. I’ve been doing great recently!

  • Where do you get your ideas?

I wrote about this on my blog here. Well, I usually find inspiration from my community and often I ask myself what I could offer. I also draw inspiration from fellow bloggers and turn the idea into something a little more unique and right along with my style so that I am not copying their ideas. There are times when I would just lay in bed and poof! A random thought that crossed my mind is slowly being processed into a great idea for a blog post. Doing hobbies like painting and skating, taking inspiration from daily events and even just scrolling through social media can inspire me.

  • How much time do you a lot for your blog and how do you organize posting?

On school days, I usually a lot of 1-2 hours. Everything wasn’t very organized, but lately, due to isolation, I’ve been dedicating more and more time for my blog such as writing posts in advance and interacting more with other bloggers.

  • Do you promote your blog?

Yes, especially on Twitter. The bloggers there are so friendly.

  • Do you ever want to try vlogging in the future?

The thought has crossed my mind, but I think I still have a year or two at best before I try it. I need to have a better phone at least with bigger storage, and my bedroom isn’t exactly aesthetic since the lighting is terrible haha. I lack equipment and editing tools but maybe I’m going to try it if I succeed in blogging first.

  • Would you continue blogging when you’re in college?

Hopefully, yes. It would a great way to help pay for college fees since I’m still in high school right now. I enjoy writing and even blogging, but sometimes it just drains me and conflicts my schedule since I prioritize my education.

  • How did your blog grow and did you meet and gain new friends from blogging? 

The process isn’t easy. For my blog to keep going, it has a very lengthy process: I need to schedule tweets (and usually forget to do so haha), take bog-worthy pictures and edit them, create a blog and social media graphics, respond to comments on my blog and social media, promote my blog and interact with fellow bloggers, and so on. It’s a very tiring process and always drains me of energy, which is why I sometimes feel down and not very motivated. Still, I remind myself that my hard work pays off!

  • What’s a typical Sunday for you like?

A typical Sunday for me waking up early, doing blog duties and watering my plants. Then church later on in the morning and a road trip and dinner with my family in the late afternoon. 

  • How do you balance between blogging and your school?

It’s very difficult, especially since I’m studying under a prestigious academic program in our school. I have grades not only to maintain but also to improve and I don’t want to disappoint the people around me. Although blogging has taken away a few hours of sleep from me, it has also become an outlet for me to express myself freely and further improve my writing skills. Time management is crucial. I study during the day and do my homework when I arrive home. I usually don’t have time to hang out with friends after school! I also wake up early to work on blog posts. Weekends are not easy for me too since I spend it by doing bulky blog duties like taking and editing pictures and writing blog posts.

  • What do you enjoy most about blogging?

What I enjoy most about blogging is being able to exercise my inner creativity by sharing my ideas and being creative with photos. I also love how I am connected and interact with so many wonderful people, especially bloggers and content creators.

  • How do you stay consistent with your blog? 

I follow my daily blogging routine and motivate myself now and then. There are times when I take a break too, rest is just as important as consistency. What I’ve learned is to remember to stand back up after a quick recharge and keep persevering!

 That’s all, I had so much fun answering those questions and I’m glad to be able to reflect on what I’ve learned from blogging and how it is interwoven with my life. Thanks for the little chat, Liz!

Follow her here!




It’s been great chatting with Athena! I’ve learned a lot from her and continues to inspires me to write more blogs and share it with other people. Thank you for this little chat! Hope to see you around. 🙂

My Daily Routine under Home Quarantine

President Duterte announces a lockdown in Metro Manila from March 15 until April 14 due to coronavirus pandemic. Since March 16, my office is suspended until further notice. Malls, restaurants, and public places are closed. Only hospitals, supermarkets, banks, and pharmacies remain open during the quarantine period. Public transportation, Grab, and taxis are also banned from traveling. Only health workers, people who will buy food, people working in hospitals and supermarkets are allowed to travel. People are asked to just stay at home as much as possible. And practice “social distancing” when going outside.

It’s been a week since the quarantine period and I’m finding ways to keep myself productive and entertained at the same time. I think its also the perfect time to de-stress and practice self-care at home. With the crisis happening right now, it’s just the right time to find time for ourselves and stay at home. I will share with you the things I do at home during this quarantine period.

Wake up 9 am: Breakfast

I wake up at 9 am, make my coffee and eat breakfast when I feel hungry. If not I’ll just eat at lunchtime.

After having my breakfast, I do core workouts. My goal is to achieve doing hanging leg raise.
lying leg raises 15 x 4 reps
Reverse crunch 15 x 4 reps

After doing core workouts I do yoga. I have this app called Down Dog. They recently made their app free until July. I do about 10 mins yoga, my main focus is for flexibility and stretching of the whole body.

Here’s the link of Down Dog Yoga.

Study Online Course

Currently, I’m taking a course in Coursera about SEO optimization. And I take my lessons every morning. I study the lessons for about 30 mins to an hour.

Netflix and Chill

By 11:30 am we eat lunch together with my family. After lunch, I play some games or watch something on Netflix. When I get bored. I sleep in the afternoon. When I wake up, I’ll go and find something to eat again hehe.

Home workout

I start doing my home workouts. Since I’ve been working out every day, I get bored with my routine. So I incorporated some HIIT workouts to change it up a bit. I follow this video by Chloe Ting and its amazing! It feels energizing and burns a lot of calories.


By 7 pm I eat dinner with my family. Then watch again on Netflix. At night I also video chat with my bf and just spend time together online. This is our date for now since we’re all at home. 🙂

12 am: Sleep
Lights out.


How about you guys? What are you up to these days? Share them down below at the comments section!

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