My Daily Routine under Home Quarantine

President Duterte announces a lockdown in Metro Manila from March 15 until April 14 due to coronavirus pandemic. Since March 16, my office is suspended until further notice. Malls, restaurants, and public places are closed. Only hospitals, supermarkets, banks, and pharmacies remain open during the quarantine period. Public transportation, Grab, and taxis are also banned from traveling. Only health workers, people who will buy food, people working in hospitals and supermarkets are allowed to travel. People are asked to just stay at home as much as possible. And practice “social distancing” when going outside.

It’s been a week since the quarantine period and I’m finding ways to keep myself productive and entertained at the same time. I think its also the perfect time to de-stress and practice self-care at home. With the crisis happening right now, it’s just the right time to find time for ourselves and stay at home. I will share with you the things I do at home during this quarantine period.

Wake up 9 am: Breakfast

I wake up at 9 am, make my coffee and eat breakfast when I feel hungry. If not I’ll just eat at lunchtime.

After having my breakfast, I do core workouts. My goal is to achieve doing hanging leg raise.
lying leg raises 15 x 4 reps
Reverse crunch 15 x 4 reps

After doing core workouts I do yoga. I have this app called Down Dog. They recently made their app free until July. I do about 10 mins yoga, my main focus is for flexibility and stretching of the whole body.

Here’s the link of Down Dog Yoga.

Study Online Course

Currently, I’m taking a course in Coursera about SEO optimization. And I take my lessons every morning. I study the lessons for about 30 mins to an hour.

Netflix and Chill

By 11:30 am we eat lunch together with my family. After lunch, I play some games or watch something on Netflix. When I get bored. I sleep in the afternoon. When I wake up, I’ll go and find something to eat again hehe.

Home workout

I start doing my home workouts. Since I’ve been working out every day, I get bored with my routine. So I incorporated some HIIT workouts to change it up a bit. I follow this video by Chloe Ting and its amazing! It feels energizing and burns a lot of calories.


By 7 pm I eat dinner with my family. Then watch again on Netflix. At night I also video chat with my bf and just spend time together online. This is our date for now since we’re all at home. 🙂

12 am: Sleep
Lights out.


How about you guys? What are you up to these days? Share them down below at the comments section!

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