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Meet Athena – from Athena Cristy Blog (Guest Post)

I only started blogging earlier this year, and I’m fortunate enough to meet people through blogging. One of them is Athena. A high school student who’s been blogging since 2017. I got inspired more to continue blogging when I saw her blog. At such a young age, she was able to maintain her blog while still in school. So now, I did a little bit of chat with Athena so we could learn more about her lifestyle and journey as a blogger. 

Hi everyone, I’m Athena Christy (or Acee), the blogger behind and I am so happy to guest post for my lovely friend Liezel. We will be interviewing each other about blogging and life, please keep an eye out for her guest post on my blog as well. Without further ado, here are the questions and my answers:

  • When did you start blogging?

 Oh, it’s a long story. For those who don’t know, I’m an avid reader and passionate bookworm. I started bookstagram (basically posting pretty photos of books on Instagram) back in September of 2017 when I was only thirteen. I met a lot of friendly people in the bookstagram community and most of them had book blogs, mostly on WordPress. I was curious so I gave it a try. I signed up on WordPress and created my book blog, The Night Faerie, where I post book reviews and other book-related stuff. I eventually stopped because of busy school and busy life and the fact that although I am still the same book-crazy person as before, my life no longer centered on books alone and I was curious to venture into foreign shores. I did a fresh start and created my current blog (Athena Christy, or “` A la AC” as I would often refer to it, and its Twitter account. I posted a wide range of blog posts, divided into four main categories: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, and rarely, Travel. Eventually, I started using Pinterest and a few other social media platforms, traffic increased little by little, and I met so many wonderful people in the blogging community, just like how it all started.

  • How has been your blogging journey?

It’s been bumpy, on and off roller coaster ride, but I enjoy every moment of it. I’ve been doing great recently!

  • Where do you get your ideas?

I wrote about this on my blog here. Well, I usually find inspiration from my community and often I ask myself what I could offer. I also draw inspiration from fellow bloggers and turn the idea into something a little more unique and right along with my style so that I am not copying their ideas. There are times when I would just lay in bed and poof! A random thought that crossed my mind is slowly being processed into a great idea for a blog post. Doing hobbies like painting and skating, taking inspiration from daily events and even just scrolling through social media can inspire me.

  • How much time do you a lot for your blog and how do you organize posting?

On school days, I usually a lot of 1-2 hours. Everything wasn’t very organized, but lately, due to isolation, I’ve been dedicating more and more time for my blog such as writing posts in advance and interacting more with other bloggers.

  • Do you promote your blog?

Yes, especially on Twitter. The bloggers there are so friendly.

  • Do you ever want to try vlogging in the future?

The thought has crossed my mind, but I think I still have a year or two at best before I try it. I need to have a better phone at least with bigger storage, and my bedroom isn’t exactly aesthetic since the lighting is terrible haha. I lack equipment and editing tools but maybe I’m going to try it if I succeed in blogging first.

  • Would you continue blogging when you’re in college?

Hopefully, yes. It would a great way to help pay for college fees since I’m still in high school right now. I enjoy writing and even blogging, but sometimes it just drains me and conflicts my schedule since I prioritize my education.

  • How did your blog grow and did you meet and gain new friends from blogging? 

The process isn’t easy. For my blog to keep going, it has a very lengthy process: I need to schedule tweets (and usually forget to do so haha), take bog-worthy pictures and edit them, create a blog and social media graphics, respond to comments on my blog and social media, promote my blog and interact with fellow bloggers, and so on. It’s a very tiring process and always drains me of energy, which is why I sometimes feel down and not very motivated. Still, I remind myself that my hard work pays off!

  • What’s a typical Sunday for you like?

A typical Sunday for me waking up early, doing blog duties and watering my plants. Then church later on in the morning and a road trip and dinner with my family in the late afternoon. 

  • How do you balance between blogging and your school?

It’s very difficult, especially since I’m studying under a prestigious academic program in our school. I have grades not only to maintain but also to improve and I don’t want to disappoint the people around me. Although blogging has taken away a few hours of sleep from me, it has also become an outlet for me to express myself freely and further improve my writing skills. Time management is crucial. I study during the day and do my homework when I arrive home. I usually don’t have time to hang out with friends after school! I also wake up early to work on blog posts. Weekends are not easy for me too since I spend it by doing bulky blog duties like taking and editing pictures and writing blog posts.

  • What do you enjoy most about blogging?

What I enjoy most about blogging is being able to exercise my inner creativity by sharing my ideas and being creative with photos. I also love how I am connected and interact with so many wonderful people, especially bloggers and content creators.

  • How do you stay consistent with your blog? 

I follow my daily blogging routine and motivate myself now and then. There are times when I take a break too, rest is just as important as consistency. What I’ve learned is to remember to stand back up after a quick recharge and keep persevering!

 That’s all, I had so much fun answering those questions and I’m glad to be able to reflect on what I’ve learned from blogging and how it is interwoven with my life. Thanks for the little chat, Liz!

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It’s been great chatting with Athena! I’ve learned a lot from her and continues to inspires me to write more blogs and share it with other people. Thank you for this little chat! Hope to see you around. 🙂

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My Daily Routine under Home Quarantine

President Duterte announces a lockdown in Metro Manila from March 15 until April 14 due to coronavirus pandemic. Since March 16, my office is suspended until further notice. Malls, restaurants, and public places are closed. Only hospitals, supermarkets, banks, and pharmacies remain open during the quarantine period. Public transportation, Grab, and taxis are also banned from traveling. Only health workers, people who will buy food, people working in hospitals and supermarkets are allowed to travel. People are asked to just stay at home as much as possible. And practice “social distancing” when going outside.

It’s been a week since the quarantine period and I’m finding ways to keep myself productive and entertained at the same time. I think its also the perfect time to de-stress and practice self-care at home. With the crisis happening right now, it’s just the right time to find time for ourselves and stay at home. I will share with you the things I do at home during this quarantine period.

Wake up 9 am: Breakfast

I wake up at 9 am, make my coffee and eat breakfast when I feel hungry. If not I’ll just eat at lunchtime.

After having my breakfast, I do core workouts. My goal is to achieve doing hanging leg raise.
lying leg raises 15 x 4 reps
Reverse crunch 15 x 4 reps

After doing core workouts I do yoga. I have this app called Down Dog. They recently made their app free until July. I do about 10 mins yoga, my main focus is for flexibility and stretching of the whole body.

Here’s the link of Down Dog Yoga.

Study Online Course

Currently, I’m taking a course in Coursera about SEO optimization. And I take my lessons every morning. I study the lessons for about 30 mins to an hour.

Netflix and Chill

By 11:30 am we eat lunch together with my family. After lunch, I play some games or watch something on Netflix. When I get bored. I sleep in the afternoon. When I wake up, I’ll go and find something to eat again hehe.

Home workout

I start doing my home workouts. Since I’ve been working out every day, I get bored with my routine. So I incorporated some HIIT workouts to change it up a bit. I follow this video by Chloe Ting and its amazing! It feels energizing and burns a lot of calories.


By 7 pm I eat dinner with my family. Then watch again on Netflix. At night I also video chat with my bf and just spend time together online. This is our date for now since we’re all at home. 🙂

12 am: Sleep
Lights out.


How about you guys? What are you up to these days? Share them down below at the comments section!