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What I Eat in a Week

Finally I got time to write again. 🙂 These past few days, it’s been crazy with all the coronavirus, quarantine and lockdown in the news. My work is suspended for now until further notice. I hope everyone is doing well and always to keep safe! Stay indoors as much as possible and wash your hands properly. For now, let’s all try to be calm and continue reading my blog. 🙂

I think all of us can agree that we all love food. I love food and I love learning about people’s eating habits and what they usually eat in a week, the same way I like sharing my food with other people. It’s a good way of sharing food tips, recipes and of course, gain new friends through food! In this post, I’ll share with you what I usually eat in a week at work. Feel free to share what you also ate today at the comments section!



For breakfast, I am usually in a hurry so I don’t have much time taking pictures (I’m sorry~) so I’ll just mention my usual breakfast in the morning. I had my usual coffee and toast bread with butter.


At lunchtime I bring my pack lunch at work. I make my “baon” from whatever is leftover from last night’s dinner. On Monday I had chicken and rice.

chicken and rice


My snack on Monday was yummy! I had spamdesal (spam + pandesal) and coffee. 🙂

Spamdesal and coffee


For dinner I had spicy chicken inspired from a korean recipe. My mom marinated it in gochujang sauce and added sesame seeds.

Spicy chicken


For Tuesday’s lunch, I had pork steak and rice. I added chili sauce because I love spicy food.

Pork steak and rice


I love the combination of sweets + coffee or tea during my break time.

Cookies and Lemon Tea


I love Tuesday’s night dinner! My mom cooked adobo and kimchi soup. The kimchi soup is the winner! It taste just like those in restaurants. I love how spicy it is.

Kimchi Soup



Lunch Time at work! I had pork meatballs and rice.

Meatballs and rice


Had pork siomai for dinner (I already ate some of the siomai that’s why its half empty lol).

Pork Siomai



I stop by Coffee Bean on my way to work to grab a latte. I got this promo from my credit card! (yay free coffee! :)) I also had tuna sandwich with my coffee.

Chocolate latte and tuna sandwich


There was still pork siomai left from last night’s dinner so I packed them for lunch.

Pork siomai and rice


I prepared tuna sandwich for my snack. I love making sandwiches for my snack because it keeps me full until the end of my shift at work. I also use wheat bread mostly because it supposed to be “healthier” than white bread.

Tuna Sandwich



My lunch for Friday is Radish cake! Radish cake are part of Chinese dimsum. It is made from radish, rice flour, meat and. seasonings. Steam and then fried. It taste really good.

Radish Cake


Ok, this one looks weird but it is actually Puto! Puto are Filipino rice cake. We had puto mix at home but we don’t have the round mold for it so we place it in a rectangular mold and sliced them into squares. Still taste like the classic puto. 🙂



Another one of my favorite dish! Friday’s dinner is beef noodle soup. It looks salty but its not. The color is from the flavoring called “goyong” or five-spice powder.

Beef noodle soup

How about you guys? What do you usually eat at work or at school? Do you bring your also meal prep your lunch? Share them down below in the comments section! 🙂