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Current Obsession: Terrace House (Tokyo 2019-2020)


I’m a fan of the show Terrace House. I’ve started watching back during the Aloha State season (2017). Now I’m hooked with the show. Currently, I’m watching Tokyo (2019-2020) and it’s my current series obsession. It’s the only reality show that I find fun to watch. I like how the members give sincere advice to each other. I guess it helps me and the viewers have an insight that they can also apply in their life.

Terrace House is a reality TV Show from Japan. It comprises of six members, 3 males, and 3 females. They all live in a beautiful house with 2 luxury cars. No scripts at all (or as they say). They still go on with their normal lives while living in Terrace House. They’re not locked up in the house, they just simply live together with different people.

Most of the members who join Terrace House are either looking for love or simply want to show the viewers their pursuit in life. I like how they introduce themselves in the beginning and get to know each other and see them settling in the house.

Their general day to day life, asking someone out, cooking dinner for everyone and dating is what makes the show unique. It shows an authentic human experience. The drama that comes with the show is something I do enjoy watching. It’s not something that we face every day to talk about issues with people we live together.

The Panelists

The panelists are also a great addition to the show. They give their impressions of the members and make the show more entertaining with comedic humor and comments.


What’s also interesting about the show is there are different people with different cultures. Some are local Japanese and some are foreigners who live in Japan. Viewers get to see how foreigners interact with the local Japanese members and how they adapt to the Japanese culture.

The show is inspiring in a way that each member has a goal in mind on why they join Terrace House. We get to see how they reach for their dreams and how they support each other.

Terrace House is available on Netflix.